ANGMr. Jesse Ang

Principal Investment Officer for PPP Transaction Advisory Services- East Asia and the Pacific, International Finance Corporation

Jesse Ang is currently on a development assignment working for the IFC PPP Asia Unit. Previously, he was the resident representative for the Philippines office of the International Finance Corporation from 2007 until the 1st quarter of 2015.
He joined IFC Philippines in February of 2000 as senior investment officer primarily responsible for business development. Before joining IFC, Jesse was the chief financial officer and treasurer of the Philippine International Air Terminals Company based in Manila. He worked in New York City for several years and served as the director of the Global Structured Finance department in ANZ Investment Bank, vice president of the Trade and Commodity Finance department of Generale Bank and assistant vice president at Irving Trust Company.

esse has gained worldwide knowledge, working for companies based in Latin America countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina. He has also worked in East Asian countries including Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines.