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Arangkada Philippines Fifth Anniversary Assessment

Part 3: Seven Big Winner Sectors

Infrastructure: Airports


  1. Items marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required.
  2. Please rate each recommendation based on our Six-Star Rating System:
    • 1 Star — No Longer Relevant
    • 2 Stars — Backward/Regression
    • 3 Stars — Not Ongoing
    • 4 Stars — Started
    • 5 Stars — Substantial Progress
    • 6 Stars — Completed
  3. In the text boxes, please provide a narrative assessment of the state of implementation of the recommendation during calendar year 2015, including specific information that positively or negatively affects the recommendation. For example, under pocket open skies one could write, "EOs 28 and 29 were issued on March 14, 2011 reorganizing the CAB and setting rules for open skies at ten international airports but not NAIA. After two years, plans to upgrade most of the 10 airports have not been implemented."
  4. Text boxes have a limit of 10,000 characters (approximately 1,250 words).
  5. If you have been doing the assessment in previous years, one change in the form this year is that in addition to the mandatory rating of the recommendations, we made the narrative section also mandatory and we encourage you to write at least several sentences, which will build on the narrative assessment of the previous year that we provided to you.
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  7. If you're using an outdated browser, compose your comments first in a separate document, so you have a backup of your work in case your browser fails to cache your data.
  8. Please fill in the name and organization fields before submitting your answers.
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  10. For questions and concerns, you may email the website director at tin@arangkadaphilippines.com.

  11. We would greatly appreciate receiving your assessment by Friday, December 5, 2015.

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