Saving Answers in an Online Form

Our survey takes advantage of HTML5's local storage capabilities, a new way of saving data within your browser.

How does it work?


Local storage saves your data in key/value pairs, which you can retrieve later on your next page visit. This feature is usually embedded on modern online forms to keep you from losing your data in case of disruptions (e.g., system crashes, Internet disconnection, power outage).

Unlike cookies, local storage makes saving more secure by not loading your data with every server request: This information is only accessible in the page where it was created. It can also save large amounts of data without slowing down the website.

Am I using the right browser?


Local storage is only supported in the following browser versions: As a precaution, you can download the latest release of any of the first four browsers on the list, although this is hardly necessary. We strongly recommend, however, that you refrain from using Internet Explorer. You can also run a browser test on this page to check for "localStorage" support.

Do I need to configure my browser?


Once you have the right browser version, you should be good to go, but you can double-check your privacy and content settings.

For Chrome users, go to Settings (sometimes called "Under the Hood") > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies > select Allow local data to be set. This allows you to save web data even after you quit your browser. Check Google's official support documentation for more information.

For Firefox users, go to Preferences > Privacy > uncheck Clear history when Firefox closes. Then click the Settings button besides "Clear history..." > Data > uncheck Offline Website Data. Check Mozilla's official support documentation for more information.

How do I test the form?


Open the link to our survey and answer a few questions at random. Click SAVE to ensure that the form has the latest version of your work. Quit and relaunch the browser. Revisit the survey link and check if your answers are still there.

How often should I click the Save button?


Our forms use a plugin that instantaneously saves your non-text data, such as multiple choice answers (e.g., clicks, selections, and checks). Text data only gets saved in between inputs of non-text data.

Because of this limitation, our survey has save buttons (yes, plural!) to ensure that all your answers are backed up regardless of your non-text activity.

How do I protect my saved data?


Our forms use a plugin that does not put an expiry date on your data. Ideally, they should never get deleted — until someone does deliberately. Take care not to clear your browser cache until you have submitted the form.

Anything else I should know before I begin?


Locally stored data are not transferrable. Always use the same browser to open the survey link. Do not answer the survey in incognito or privacy mode, which may disable local storage.

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