The objective of the evaluation form is for experts to monitor the status of Arangkada reform recommendations, identify which recommendations are no longer relevant, and suggest new recommendations.

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Arangkada Philippines 2010: A Business Perspective
No. Recommendations Comments Status
1 The new Philippine administration should consider adopting as a major high priority policy goal doubling the GDP growth rate to 9 percent and adopt and implement a plan to achieve this within 3 years. This has to be supported by a clear long-term industry policy.
2 Job creation by the private sector should receive extremely high priority, to reduce unemployment and underemployment by 50% and to give Filipinos more alternatives to working abroad.
3 FDI should be targeted to reach over US$ 7 billion26 a year in 3-4 years. FDI should also be measured in terms of job creation and exports (products and services) generated.

An export target of US$ 100 billion in 5-6 years should be set, with more diversified exports and new markets.

5 Adequate funds should be made available for international promotion of Philippine exports, inwards investments and tourism, medical travel and retirement programs.
6 A significant share of remittances should be channeled into productive investments in the domestic economy through bonds and other funds.
7 Double funds available for physical and social infrastructure, civil service quality improvement, investment, tourism and trade promotion, and other growth-promoting expenditures through less waste in government spending, more effective tax collection, and selectively increasing the Expanded Value Added Tax (EVAT), before other taxes.
8 Public and private sectors should organize a Special Experts Group comprising economic, business, labor, and government leaders to recommend key reforms to make the economy grow at least 9%.

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